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Brown County Conservation Alliance

Wisconsin Audubon Council

©2017 Northeastern WI Audubon Society, Inc.

About Us

Members of the Northeast Wisconsin Society incorporated in 1954. We have Federal tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 organization.

We are one of over 500 local chapters of the National Audubon Society, including 14 chapters in Wisconsin. We have over 800 member families that live in seven counties and 55 communities throughout northeast Wisconsin. National Audubon assigns members to chapters based on their zip code. National members may always request to be assigned to a specific chapter which may differ from their zip code assignment. In addition to members assigned by National Audubon, we have members who belong to our local chapter only, from a desire to support conservation, education, and bird habitat protection in this region.

map of NE WI chapter
Click on map for enlarged picture of our location.

Our Board of Directors sets policies and, with the help of other members, carries out the work of the Society. The Board meets every third Thursday evening in Green Bay though all members are welcome to attend board meetings.

We have provided wildlife field trips and experiences of:

       Red-shouldered Hawk Nesting
Beetles and spiders
       Salamander surveys
       Northern Saw-whet Owls
Frog calls
       Sturgeon spawning
       American Woodcock flights
Monarch butterfly tagging
Northern pike spawning
Raptor migrations

Our email is: birders@NeWiAudubon.org 

Board of Directors

  • President: Erin Giese (Outagamie County)
  • Vice President: John Jacobs (Brown County)
  • Treasurer: Kari Hagenow (Door County) 
  • Secretary: Dorothy Summers (Brown County)
  • Newsletter Coordinator: Marian Shaffer (Brown County)
  • Website Coordinators: Erin Giese + Kari Hagenow
  • Banquet Coordinator: Amy Carrozzino-Lyon
  • Membership Coordinators: Dorothy Summers + Janet Smith (Brown County)
  • Social Media/Outreach Coordinator & Photographer: Tom Prestby + Tara Hohman (Brown County)
  • File Manager: Kari Hagenow
  • Other Board Members: Mike Reed + Emily Weber (Brown County)

Northern Parula
Northern Parula © Scott Giese


P.O. Box 1, Green Bay, WI 54305